28/10-3/11 2024 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Release [QRUSIFIX] 7" Vinyl

June 11, 2024


The Qrusifix duo will soon debut with their first "7 single on wax. The Malmö and Kalmar-based producers who move freely between hip hop and house will make their first official release at the beginning of the summer with the songs "Let me lead u" and "Figure life out ".

In recent years, Hip Hop Weekend has collaborated with local artists and creators such as Yasmina Karli Malmsten and Mia to bridge the gap between the different expressions. All artists and musicians have had full creative freedom to create based on their own expressions but with the support and funding of Hip Hop Weekend.

The single will be released online 14th of June.

This will be the first musical project presented by the cultural platform Hip Hop Weekend. We are incredibly proud to be able to present the first limited edition of the House single signed by Qrusifix.


We asked Qrusifix to put together some music to get in the right mood for the release. Make sure to follow the Hip Hop Weekend Playlist.

I Like dope music!!

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Release [QRUSIFIX] 7" Vinyl

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