31/10-6/11 2022 MALMÖ SWEDEN

The Cultural Association Iver has since 2017 worked to promote street dance for both professionals and amateurs. By creating platforms that open up the genre to dance enthusiasts and amateurs (public and participation) we aim to be a positive social force. Malmö Dance Week and Hip Hop Weekend are two of our biggest events/platforms.

The organization also explore the potential that Street Dance has through artistic research, performances, lectures and discussions. IVER produce and tour dance performances, present other artist and their work and other forms of professional work.

IVER has ongoing projects that supports the culture and people in it. Through open practices, workshops, educations and mentorships IVER aims to support people to reach their goals through passion and unity.

Street dance is a global living subculture and in it’s pure fundamental essence it is intercultural and inclusive.