28/10-3/11 2024 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Since 2017 The Cultural Association Iver has worked to promote street dance for both professionals and amateurs. By creating platforms that open up the genre to dance enthusiasts and amateurs (public and participation) we aim to be a positive force in the society. Malmö Dance Week and Hip Hop Weekend are two of our biggest events/platforms.

The Culture Association doesn't tolerate any  racism, homophobia, sexism or any other discriminations. The festival should be a safe space for everyone who's attending.

Malmö Dance Week and Hip Hop Weekend
The festival is an effort to create a meeting platform that is accessible to everyone on equal terms. Meetings between different ages, gender, ethnicity, social groups, art forms, expressions, etc. We strongly believe that there is a positive healing power in these meetings and hope that we make the world a little more open, empathetic and understanding towards differences. We believe in being a place of desire and joy but not without addressing complex issues and discussions!

How we work with bookings of artists and dancers, we always strive to be equal in number in terms of gender and book dancers and artists with different backgrounds, ethnicity and nationality. We also strive to offer different perspectives in our lectures and presentation of works and exhibitions.

A platform that supports the street dance culture and the people in it.