30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Malmo Session - Open practice 2023

April 26, 2023

The initiative Malmo Sessions is an attempt to create more spaces for open practice in Malmö. Each practice will have a DJ and a direction in terms of style but is open to everyone regardless of dance style. Sometimes the open practice will transform into a workshop but information about that will always be available at the website and facebook in advance.

free to participate

*** No outdoor shoes are allowed in the studio. Bring indoor shoes ***

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DJ & Host:

Host: Jakhamah

DJ: Chillmir (house, disco and funk)


Hip Hop, Funk, House.

Kulturskolan, Malmö 19.30-21.30.

Guidelines - Open Practice

  • The training is open to everyone regardless of age or previous knowledge.
  • All dance styles are welcome, but the choice of music will be adapted to styles within the street dance genre.
  • Our concept is: Each one teach one - We can all learn from each other.
  • All participants in the room have a responsibility to mediate and create a welcoming space.
  • You can come when you want and you can leave when you want.
  • You can do whatever you want. Exercise, listen to the music, stretch etc with support and inspiration from others. As long as it is respectful of the other participants in the room.
  • There is always a host on the practis who can answer questions, introduce you to the concept and help you get started.

If anything feels somewhat uncertain or do you feel insecure during training. Get in touch with the responsible host on site or contact Moa at moa@malmodanceweek.se or 0762494999

Kulturföreningen Iver takes responsibility for what happens at the training.

Tips on what you can do yourself during training if you have difficulty getting started or need inspiration. This is for everyone, both new and experienced dancers.

  • Ask the responsible host at the practice if they can help you get started.
  • Look at other dancers in the room and be inspired by them.
  • Dare to ask if you see someone doing something you would like to learn.
  • Change constellations. Try dancing with someone you haven't danced with before or try dancing with a group.

Kulturföreningen Iver doesn't tolerate any racism, homophobia, sexism or any other discriminations. The festival or other events that are arranged or supported by Iver should be a safe space for everyone who's attending.


8 June

15 June

In collaboration with Malmö Kulturskola with support from Kulturrådet.

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