30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Linda Hayford Audition

February 3, 2023

Linda Hayford Looking for 5 dancers to be a part of her new piece "Processing #2" 
Performed at Malmö Dance Week 2023

                                                 Registration is closed

Date: Saturday 1th of April 

Time: 14.00 - 17.00

Doors will be open 1 hour before for warm up and registration

Place: Malmö Kulturskola, Friisgatan 15 B, Malmö

Linda Hayford

Linda Hayford is looking for: 

  • Hip Hop dancers/ performers with strong technical backgrounds, ready to get out of their comfort zone.
  • It’s beneficial to have a popping background but it's not necessary.
  • Ability to strongly incarnate / embody 
  • Ability to absorb new informations quickly 

  • Open audition, everyone who applies will be called.
  • Auditions will be held as a workshop 
  • No preparation needed


  • Everyone who applies must be available during the entire rehearsal period and the performance dates.
  • Minimum age 18 years

Dates for rehearsal and show dates

(more occasions may occur but in agreement with the dancers and choreographer)

Rehearsal in Malmö 

17 - 30 April 2023. There will be days off within this period.

Premier at Dansstationen during Malmö Dance Week

31 October - 3 November - 2023

One or two occasions during this period + rehearsal days.


  • Paid rehearsals and show days. 
  • Salary according to collective agreement.
  • Iver covers travel and accommodation during show day at Malmö Dance Week.
  • A limited accommodation support can be offered during the rehearsal period for dancers who do not live in Malmö or have the opportunity to arrange it themselves.
  • The travel to and from the rehearsal is booked and covered by the dancer themselfs.


“Processing” is part of a global project of creative/teaching of the Shifting pop body language that Linda has been developing since 2015. 

The specific creation for Malmö Dance Week is an opportunity to explore and create with other bodies that come from Hip Hop aesthetic, a performance that will put the gesture into light, working with strong individuals that you will build and an organic corpus. 

“My personal approach is using metamorphosis to embody emotions and translate it in an imaginary perspective, even supernatural through a precise posture work. 

Be ready to explore your own, undefined multiples and push your body to another level of consciousness” 

  • Linda Hayford

Linda Hayford

Although Linda Hayford is best known as an ambassador of popping, her dance practice has evolved through the encounter between genres and moves. Taking a crossover of styles as her starting point, the choreographer seeks an aesthetic focused on metamorphosis. Her inaugural solo Shapeshifting (2016) materializes the power represented by the passage from one form to another in an intimate fresco that deploys a succession of chimeras. In AlShe/Me (2019), Linda Hayford, working alongside her older brother Mike Hayford, turns her attention to the ephemeral nature of popping. Created in 2022, Recovering invites 3 performers to reflect on the healing process following a trauma through the transmission and appropriation of different tools from Linda Hayford’s “Shifting Pop” vocabulary. For Linda Hayford, alteration has become an object of reflection on the constantly changing nature of identity, where every stage embodies a facet of humanity, culminating in the complexity of displacement.

Produced by Kulturföreningen Iver & Malmö Dance Week 

Co production: Dansstationen

Supported by: Kulturrådet

For questions regarding the Audition or production please contact:

Moa Söllgård, moa@malmodanceweek.se

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