30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Iman residence showing

April 28, 2023

Residence showing with Iman Gele

Do you reconsider your life? My name is IMAN and means faith and patience.  Using my name as the metaphor for interpersonal connections, I want to raise questions about the role of a black woman and her different characters in social encounters. This piece combines various urban dance techniques like Krump dance and Hip Hop inside a theatrical setting and looks for moments of euphoria and relief. Different characteristic roles of IMAN have to learn to deal  with different emotional states.

"For the showing I want to share my idea to combine the emotional states with krump and hip hop."


Produced by Kulturföreningen Iver & Malmö Dance Week

Supported by: Kulturrådet

Time: 14.00-15.00

Date: Friday 5th May

Place: Bastionen, Norra Vallgatan 28, Malmö


registration: moa@malmodanceweek.se

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