31/10-6/11 2022 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Locking - Ruben Chi & Roche (NL)

November 2, 2022
Dansstationen, Malmö

About Ruben Chi & Roche

Ruben Chi and Roché Apinsa are the founders of Ghetto Funk Collective. Seven years ago Ruben and Roché came together. From that moment until this day they have been sharing their love for locking and funk together as brothers. Their power together as teacher and also artists is their connection on a spiritual level. Sharing and connecting on a deeper frequency. 

That's exactly how you should interpret music and dance. To understand yourself but also the culture behind the music and dance is what they stand for. This keeps them inspired throughout their career.

This workshop will be thought by both Ruben and Roché.

Workshop level

The workshop are open level but we recommend some dance experience.

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