31/10-6/11 2022 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Hip Hop - Prince Wayne (US)

November 1, 2022
Dansstationen, Malmö

About Prince Wayne

De’Wayne Martin aka Prince Wayne has been dancing professionally for about 4 years. He has practiced styles as Hip Hop, House Dance, Ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, flexing and Breakdance. For Prince Wayne dance is truly a passion and has saved him in many different ways.

“I’m blessed to be able to share this gift with others. I’ve traveled around the U.S, Mexico, and overseas teaching and battle and I love every moment of it” - Prince Wayne


Prince Wayne will be sharing knowledge of expression through creative movement and exploring the mind and body will stepping outside of the box and having fun, this class is very therapeutic while informative

Workshop level

The workshop are open level but we recommend some dance experience.

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