31/10-6/11 2022 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Triangeln battles Showcase

November 1, 2022
Triangeln, Malmö

About Triangeln battles showcase

For the first time, Malmö Dance Week presents "Kids Showcase Battle", a showcase competition for young dance groups. The possibilities are endless when all imaginable dance styles and genres are crossed in this competition. International judges are on hand to help us choose the best show and we expect a fast-paced afternoon. This is a program point for the whole family, where you can see a variety of dance in a homely atmosphere. See finely honed choreography from some of Sweden's best young dance groups - completely free!


Open to all dance groups with dancers under the age of 18

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Kids Showcase Battle is one of three dance competitions that take place at Triangelns Köpcentrum during Malmö Dance Week. On Wednesday there is an Allstyle battle in the 2vs2 format and on Thursday a breaking battle in the 2vs2 format. All three competitions take place at Triangeln, same time, same place, three days in a row.

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