30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Slowmotion workshop - Joanna Skywalker (SE)

October 31, 2023
Danscentrum Syd
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About the workshop
Theme: Slowmotion and weight transfer.
We will work both on the techniques behind slowmotion and weight transfer/floating but also around the feeling of being weightless and slowed down. This workshop suits you who wants to work on dynamics, body control, balance and dance in a meditative and dreamy state of mind.

* Advanced. In this workshop you need a high level dance experience not particularly in the same style as the workshop. During these workshops a higher tempo will be maintained with a focus on each teacher's individual technique.

The workshops will be held in english.

About Joanna Skywalker
Joanna Holewa Chrona is a Swedish dancer, choreographer, project leader and dj located in Sweden/South Africa. Her dance- background is within Streetdance from the afro-diaspora as well as from West/South-African cultural dances.

Joannas work as a dancer and choreographer is always influenced by where and how she moves in life. Without compromising she always gives herself completely to the moment. There is a strong interest of honesty, depth, connection and togetherness. She uses choreography and dance as a tool to further share her interests and mindsets.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Produced by IVER

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