30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

MDW TALKS - Funding for your dance project

October 30, 2023
Bastionen, Norra Vallgatan 28, Malmo
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About the Workshop

This workshop introduces and gives practical information on how to develop and apply for EU-funding
– focusing specifically on the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. As we see cuts in
funding toward the cultural sector on a local and national level in Sweden, more and more cultural
actors are now looking at international funding programmes to finance their projects. On the other
hand, EU has almost doubled their budget toward the cultural sector, so there are more opportunities
than ever to collaborate on the European level!

Israel Aloni and Marcus Lampe will introduce the Creative Europe programme and which
opportunities there are for the dance community. They will walk you through how the application
process looks, with useful tips for how to develop an EU-project, how to build international
partnerships and write a good application. This information can be applied to many of the EU’s other
types of funding programmes as well.

* No previous experience of EU-funding is needed to participate in this workshop. We will take it from
the top!

Workshop leaders

Israel Aloni is an Independent choreographer, educator, performer, writer and provocateur.
Aloni’s choreographic work has been presented around the world and their work often addresses
social-political topics and converses with the public discourse. Aloni strongly believes in collaborative
creation and making methodologies as means of stimulation and a necessity for the advancing of
current practices. They see art as a catalyst of social and cultural narratives as well as an invaluable
apparatus for the evolvement of our communities. Both in their artistic practice and the ways in which
they initiate and manage international projects, Aloni purposefully promotes democratic, horizontal
and equal practices.

Currently Aloni is, among other initiatives, the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of ilDance, an
independent production body which is dedicated to contemporary dance working in and from Sweden;
the architect and international project manager of International Contemporary Dance Collective
(iCoDaCo) which is co-founded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Aloni is
also the Artistic Director of COMPASS which is an infrastructure for the support of both making and
presentation contemporary dance by emerging artists across Sweden.

Marcus Lampe is representing the European cultural network Trans Europe Halles, where he leads
the project International Resource Office (IRO) which serves to support cultural organizations and
cultural actors from Skåne to delvelop international projects and collaborations. IRO offers workshops
and info-sessions around funding opportunities, consultation and feedback sessions on applications,
developing methods and resources for international collaboration among other things. Marcus has a
background as a DJ and breakdancer.

* The Talk i free but registration is needed.

Israel Aloni
Marcus Lampe
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