30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Locking/ Party Grooves workshop - Yoshie (JP)

November 5, 2023
Malmö Kulturskola
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About the workshop
Locking/ Party Grooves

* The workshops are open level which means all levels are welcome. But it will not be suitable for beginners therefore we recommend some dance experience. Not particularly in the same style as the workshop.

The workshops will be held in english.

About Yoshie
Yoshie is a street dancer from Japan. She is outstanding in various dance genres and has been an inspiration for dancers all over the world. It is no exaggeration to say that now she reigns supreme in the history of the street dance scene. She has won numerus title in both in Japan and overseas.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Produced by IVER

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