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Judge Workshop Break - Bboy Junior

Breaking Workshop with Bboy Junior!

Scandic Triangeln
Date & Time:
Nov 3, 2019

Judge Workshop Break - Bboy Junior

Bosila Banya, called Bboy junior was born in Zaïr, central Africa. He moved to France at 5 where he discover break-dance, his dream was to become a break-dancer. But he suffered from polio to his leg, so he had a shorter leg than the other . So it wasn't easy for him to run, walk, and especially to dance.

He started break dance in 1997, he created a new style, his own style, especially using his arms because of his handicap, and pursued break-dance with dedication, mentored by others break-dancers. He turned his disability to an advantage, in 2001 he joined the wanted posse crew (french crew), and become one of the best break-dancer of the world by woning lot of battles, International competitions (world championship 2001,...) and the French contest 'Incroyable Talent' in 2007! A real reward because he trained hard to compensate his handicap, and he won a real notoriety with a lot of fans.

At the beginning of the video you can see that he walks with a limp, and you are going to see that he turned his disability to an advantage! You can see that he uses his arms over his leg because of his disability, so you can't really see his leg but there are a lot of video of him on Internet, like on his website :

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