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Johanna Fröjd - Skiftet


In the performance Skiftet (the shift), the dancers examine what it means to get together, create symbols and celebrate life. Tickets available soon.

Palladium Malmö
Date & Time:
Nov 4, 2021

Johanna Fröjd - Skiftet

Anchored to the house dance tradition, the dancers together with the dj creates a room to explore the importance of a rite in a collective celebration and healing.

In the performance Skiftet, the artists examine what it means to come together, create symbols and celebrate life. By paying attention to details and exploring the power of repetitive, seductive and sensual grooves, Skiftet is about the holiness of the body and mind as well as being able to transform the dramatic in humanity and the world.

The dancers, Johanna Fröjd Mona Namér and Fanni Ijäs are based in Stockholm and have extensive experience in the street dance field and are active in battle, club culture, performative contexts and teaching, which is what unites all three dancers in the work. Dj Nedda Sou is based in Amsterdam and is also a dancer. It's from the meeting at the House clubs in NYC that the exchange began which is the starting point of this constellation.


Artistic Director: Johanna Fröjd

Co-creating Dancers: Mona Namér,  Fanni Ijäs, Johanna Fröjd

Co-creative dancers during research: Ama Kyei

Dj: Nedda Sou

Music composition in trailer and during research: Diane Assiri

Costume: Liselotte Bramstång

Lighting design: Tobias Hallgren, Lumination of Sweden

Trailer: Jonath Mathew

Photo: Sofia Aedo Zahou

Dramaturgical Support: Anna Öberg

‍Co-producing parties: Riksteatern's Production Residence for Dance 2020, Dansens Hus, Västmanlandsmusiken, Sala Municipality, Camelonterna

With the support of: Co-producing parties and the Swedish Arts Council


Johanna Fröjd, is a dance artist and based in Stockholm. Above all, she is inspired by house culture with its social and cultural context and aspect. There she explores freestyle dance in various fields both on stage, at clubs, jams, battles and as an educator.

Over the past year, her work has revolved around the ritual, such as when dance comes to its place in body and mind, to change and transform the participant.

During the autumn 2021 she will be dancing in the performance, Festen by Viktor Fröjd and Figuren by Maria Naidu. She is also a member of the house dance collective De La Vibe.                                                                                                    

She works as a teacher at Åsa Folk High School, as well as other dance programs and dance schools in Sweden. Internationally, she has created and participated in various cultural projects, where the work is based on culture, dance, democracy and human rights.

Johanna has studied at Åsa Folkhögskola and has a bachelor's degree in democracy and human rights from Enskilda högskolan in Stockholm.


What's up Sweden is an initiative of Malmö Dance Week and together with Dansstationen we let Swedish street dancers and choreographers apply with their performances and showcases. Skiftet (The shift) by Johanna Fröjd was selected by a jury consisting of Damon Frost, Camilla Tellefsen and Lars Eidvall.

Produced by Kulturföreningen Iver in collaboration with the City of Malmö with support from Region Skåne and the Swedish Arts Council.

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