30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Shout - Jens Trinidad (NO)

October 31, 2023
Bastionen, Norra Vallgatan 28, Malmo
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About the performance
In “Shout” Jens Trinidad is discovering and rediscovering the body’s affect through sound, vibration and frequencies. Together with Marcus Amadeus, a musician and composer, they create the soundscape through their bodies by channeling, chanting and scatting. The skin, flesh and the spirit activates, breathes, grows, twists, spreads and manifests before releasing energy and forces into the space. The notion is to transform into the soundscape and shape the body while perceiving and listen to the listening through reminiscing, rituals, ´dance-offs´ and ‘praise-breaks’.

They will be sharing their process from a two-week rehearsal period and will be premiering on November 16th in Oslo, Norway.

This is a lunch performance which means that that the tickets gives you a performance + lunch + artist talk.

About Jens Trinidad
Jens Jeffry Trinidad is a Norwegian-Filipino performing and creating dance artist, with a background from X-RayUKH in Oslo, where he initially ventured into hip-hop/street dance in the late 90s. He has collaborated with various artists, including Homan Sharifi/impure Company, Elle Sofe Sara, Rosalind Goldberg, Manuel Pelmus, Viktor Fröjd, Panta Rei Danseteater, Bounce, Twisted Feet, Deep Down Dopeizm, and more.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Produced by IVER

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