30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

House workshop - Frankie J (UK)

November 3, 2023
Danscentrum Syd
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About the workshop
Frankie is sharing his knowledge of implementing self identity within movement and recognition in both weaknesses and strengths. Using both the foundation that has been built within the House Dance style, he will focus on taking an approach which uses this and also getting the students to consciously connect with their other influences and backgrounds within dance.

His motto is that this music and culture celebrates and represents freedom - exploring our own individual freedom and our own personal message within this movement.

* Advanced. In this workshop you need a high level dance experience not particularly in the same style as the workshop. During these workshops a higher tempo will be maintained with a focus on each teacher's individual technique.

The workshops will be held in english.

About Frankie J
Originally from Bristol, UK, Frankie is a rare individual who matches his raw natural dance talent with hard work and discipline and has developed into one of the best representing House Dancers internationally of today in his current generation.

Having trained from a young age in numerous dance disciplines - both within contemporary and forms of Street & Club  Dance, Frankie was selected to be part of the Swindon Youth Dance Academy where he was mentored by some of the best instructors in the UK. From there, he went on to earn a First Class degree in contemporary dance from London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, graduating in 2013.

Upon finishing his studies, Frankie has focussed mainly on the House Dance style, pursuing a career as a professional Roller Skater & DJ, gaining respect and numerous titles at worldwide competitions and events such as House Dance Europe, IBE, Flavourama, Urban Moves, Step Ya Game Up, Dance Alive Japan, Juste Debout & Summer Dance Forever. He was also invited to join Plague Dance Crew & InDaHouse in 2012, Deep Manners in 2018 and Sour Patch Collective - Worldwide in 2019.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Produced by IVER

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