31/10-6/11 2022 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Hip Hop Weekend Friday

November 4, 2022
Moriska paviljongen

Hip Hop Weekend

A tribute to the culture and the people behind it. For four years in a row, the finale of one of Europe's biggest street dance festivals has sold out. Hip Hop Weekend is without a doubt one of the highlights of the year, whether you are a dancer or a spectator.

Some of the world's best street dancers come and compete in the styles: Hip Hop, House, Popping, Locking and Breaking. In addition, there is also a showcase in a choreography competition and an all-styles battle for kids.

On Friday there will be  preselection and quarterfinals. The winners will move on to the Saturday's competition.

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14:00 Doors Open for audiens

15:00 Preselection Locking, Hip Hop, Popping, House and Breaking.

18:30 Quarter finals Locking, Hip Hop Popping, House and Breaking

21:30 The End

22:00 Pre Party


13:00 Showcase, Kids All Style 1vs1

17:00 Semi Finals and Finals Locking, Hip Hop, Popping, House and Breaking

21:00 The End

23:00 After Party


Toyin (US)
Joseph Go (FR)
Gucchon (JP)
Lady C (CA)
Asia One (US)
Focus (FI)
Bruce Wayne (FR)
Mounia (FR)

Niki Awandee (SE)
Aaron Phiri (SE)

Joe Clausell (US)
DJ Stew (NO/FR)
Lucas Benjamin (NL)

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