30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Hip Hop Weekend 2023 - FRIDAY

November 3, 2023
Moriska Paviljongen
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Hip Hop Weekend

50 years of Hip Hop, 5 years of Malmö Dance Week.

Hip Hop Weekend is a battle and the grand finale to one of Europe’s biggest street dance festivals, taking place 4-5 November. The event is held at Moriska Paviljongen, where some of the world's best street dancers perform in different street styles. In addition, a choreography competition showcase and an all-styles battle for kids will also be held.

Besides being a battle, Hip Hop Weekend is also a celebration of the culture and the people behind it. Arranging clubs and talks with an ambition to build space and community. Four years in a row Moriskan sold out and we expect nothing less this year.

On both Friday and Saturday there are also clubs after the battles. Last  year Joe Clausell played Plan B and if you were there, you know….

Tickets for Hip Hop Weekend clubs dropping september.

Hip Hop Weekend is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year whether you are there as a dancer or a spectator.

Battle Categories 

2 vs 2 Hip hop, House, Locking, Popping, Breaking 

1 vs 1 Kids All Style Battle (age 8-14 )

Showcase Competition 


13.00 Registration for dancers
14:00 Doors open
15:00 Qualification 2vs2 (Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking, House, Popping)
19:00 Quarter finals 2vs2 (Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking, House, Popping)
21:30 The End


13:00 Doors Open +  Registration for Kids all style
14:00 Showcase qulification
15:00 Kids All Style 1 vs 1 - qualification
15:50 Kids quarter finals, semi finals and final
18:00 Semi finals 2vs2 (Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking, House, Popping)
19:45 Finals 2vs2 (Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking, House, Popping)
21:00 The End

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