30/10-5/11 2023 MALMÖ SWEDEN

Breaking workshop - Mr. Kriss (CZ)

October 30, 2023
Danscentrum syd
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About the workshop
In this seminar, which is open for dancers and movement enthusiasts, we will focus
on the HOW and WHY instead of the WHAT.
How can we move with more freedom? How can we truly express what is inside of
us and feel confident doing it in front of a group? How can we apply the lessons in
dance to our everyday life? How to discover our own unique power?
All those questions will be asked and answered during this workshop using many
movement concepts and tools which Mr. Kriss acquired during 15 years of his
practice. The goal is to walk away connected – connected to our bodies and to the
collective energy in the group.

* Advanced. In this workshop you need a high level dance experience not particularly in the same style as the workshop. During these workshops a higher tempo will be maintained with a focus on each teacher's individual technique.

The workshops will be held in english.

About Mr. Kriss
Kristián Mensa (known as Mr. Kriss) is a dancer and visual artist from the Czech Republic. Especially after his appearance at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your
Style competition in 2019, Mr. Kriss became a respected dancer known for his flexibility, elegance, and lightness. He merges breaking with other forms of
movement and physical expressions. As a visual artist, he captivates his audience by infusing visual art and real-life scenery. Through imagination, playfulness, and universal understanding, Kristiánbrings important topics into awareness. With only a few subtle brush strokes, he unfolds a world full of poetry and magic. Kristián has collaborated with many global brands and organizations. He was awarded a Silver medal from the President of the Czech Senate in 2021 and was listed in 20under20 by HuffPost and 30under30 by Forbes Czech. In 2021, a documentary film titled "Mr. Kriss" was released, offering viewers a gentle look into
Kristiáns mind and soul.

Malmö Dance Week Festival 2023
5 year anniversary
Produced by IVER

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